What is legal cover car insurance

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Legal Cover Car Insurance Defined

Legal Cover Car Insurance, also known as Motor Legal Protection, offers financial coverage against potential legal costs and expenses incurred from a road incident where you were not at fault. It aids in the recovery of losses that aren’t covered by standard car insurance.

What is legal cover car insurance

Understanding Legal Cover Car Insurance

Key Features of Legal Cover Car Insurance

This protection often covers legal expenses up to a certain limit, usually between £50,000 and £100,000. It could help recover uninsured losses, including personal injury compensation, loss of earnings, policy excess, and costs for car repairs or hire.

When is Legal Cover Car Insurance Needed?

It becomes essential when you’re involved in an accident that wasn’t your fault, and you need to recover costs from the other party. It also applies when the at-fault driver is uninsured or untraceable.

Benefits of Legal Cover Car Insurance

Financial Security

Legal Cover Car Insurance provides financial security by covering expenses that could arise from pursuing legal action. It covers solicitor’s fees, court costs, and other associated expenses.

Legal Representation

Often, insurers offer legal representation, giving you the needed support throughout the process. They’ll guide you in understanding legalities and presenting your case effectively.

Limitations of Legal Cover Car Insurance

Exclusions to be Aware of

Remember, legal cover car insurance doesn’t cover incidents where you are the at-fault party. It also excludes legal costs arising before the commencement of the policy.

Prospective Costs

While legal cover car insurance can provide a financial cushion, it’s worth noting that not all costs might be covered. Understand the limitations in advance.

Comparing Legal Cover Car Insurance Policies

Factors to Consider

When comparing policies, consider the coverage limit, the types of legal costs covered, and any exclusions. Check if the policy offers legal representation.

Choosing the Right Policy

The right policy would balance adequate coverage with affordable premiums. It should cater to your unique needs and offer the necessary legal support.

How to Claim on Legal Cover Car Insurance

Step by Step Guide

  1. Notify your insurer of the accident
  2. Gather all relevant information and documentation
  3. Start the claim process with the insurer’s help
  4. Follow up regularly

Useful Tips

Keep all receipts and documentation, maintain regular contact with your insurer, and consult legal advice if necessary.


Legal Cover Car Insurance can offer peace of mind, financial security, and needed legal support following a road accident that’s not your fault. However, it’s crucial to understand its benefits, limitations, and exclusions to ensure you’re making an informed choice.


1. What’s the difference between legal cover car insurance and standard car insurance?

Standard car insurance covers your vehicle against damage, theft, and your liability towards third-party damage. Legal cover car insurance focuses on covering your legal costs and uninsured losses following a not-at-fault accident.

2. Is legal cover car insurance mandatory?

No, it’s optional. However, it can provide financial relief in recovering uninsured losses.

3. Can legal cover car insurance be added to an existing policy?

Yes, it can often be added as an extra to your standard car insurance policy.

4. What types of costs can legal cover car insurance help recover?

It can help recover personal injury compensation, loss of earnings, policy excess, and costs for car repairs or car hire.

5. How long after an accident can I claim on my legal cover car insurance?

The timeframe can vary based on your policy details. It’s best to inform your insurer as soon as possible.

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