How to cancel my car insurance

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How to cancel my car insurance?

First thing is: Initiate Communication with Your Insurer

Starting on this process entails making contact with your insurance firm. This can be achieved through a phone call, sending an email, or an in-person visit. You need to convey your decision to discontinue and inquire about the specific procedures to follow.

How to cancel my car insurance

The Procedure for Discontinuing Vehicle Insurance

Grasp Your Policy’s Discontinuation Terms

Grasping the ins and outs of your policy’s discontinuation terms is paramount. Each firm comes with a unique set of rules concerning discontinuation. Certain firms may demand a written notice, while others might levy a discontinuation fee. Thus, being privy to these terms aids in a seamless transition.

Consequences of Discontinuing Vehicle Insurance

The Aftermath of Premature Discontinuation

Levies and Premium Returns

Prior to discontinuation, be aware of the potential outcomes. Certain firms might levy a discontinuation fee, particularly if you’re discontinuing prior to the policy term’s end. Depending on the timing of your discontinuation and the specifics of your policy, you could be entitled to a return of premiums.

Impact on Insurance Track Record

The discontinuation of your vehicle insurance might leave a mark on your insurance track record. Insurers might perceive frequent discontinuations as risky, leading to a potential rise in future premiums.

Alternatives to Discontinuing Insurance

Alterations to Your Current Policy

If rising premiums are compelling you to consider discontinuation, think about revising your policy first. Altering your coverage thresholds or deductibles can result in a lower premium.

Transition to Another Insurance Firm

Switching to another insurance firm is another option. Look around for firms that may provide superior rates or coverage.

Actions Post-Discontinuation

Procuring New Insurance

Following the discontinuation, if you still possess the car, it’s crucial to procure new insurance promptly. Driving without insurance is not just a gamble but also unlawful in most jurisdictions.

Maintain Documentation

Ensure you maintain a record of your discontinuation. This will serve as a proof of your discontinuation and can be beneficial when procuring a new policy.


Discontinuing vehicle insurance entails comprehending the procedure, understanding the consequences, contemplating alternatives, and adhering to the correct actions post-discontinuation. Although it might appear daunting, it’s feasible when you’re informed about what to expect and how to traverse each step.


1. Is it possible to discontinue my vehicle insurance whenever I desire?

Yes, typically, you can discontinue your insurance at any moment. However, premature discontinuation might result in levies based on your insurer’s policy.

2. Am I entitled to a return if I discontinue my vehicle insurance?

It’s contingent on your insurance policy and the timing of the discontinuation. Some firms offer a pro-rated return.

3. What occurs when I discontinue my vehicle insurance?

If you discontinue and fail to secure another policy, operating your vehicle becomes illegal. It can also leave an impact on your insurance track record and future premium rates.

4. Is it possible to discontinue my vehicle insurance online?

The majority of firms permit online discontinuation. However, policies differ, and some may necessitate a written notice or a phone call.

5. Does discontinuing vehicle insurance have an impact on credit?

Discontinuing your vehicle insurance doesn’t directly influence your credit score. However, if there are outstanding premiums and you neglect to pay them, your credit might be affected.

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