How much does insurance raise for speeding ticket

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The Cost of Speeding: Insurance Implications

A speeding ticket can raise your insurance premiums, but by how much? Typically, the range lies between 20-40% over your base rate. However, this isn’t a set figure, with multiple factors at play. Over time, the cost of a speeding ticket can accumulate. The infraction stays on your driving record, which insurance companies consider during policy renewal. You might see a hike in your premiums for 3-5 years.

How much does insurance raise for speeding ticket

Speeding Tickets and Their Impact on Insurance

Initial Monetary Consequences

A speeding citation can surge your insurance charges. Generally, the increase is between 20% and 40% above your current rate. But, there are numerous considerations in determining the exact increase.

Enduring Insurance Repercussions

In the long haul, a speeding ticket’s cost can accumulate. The violation remains on your record, which insurance firms inspect during policy renewal. Consequently, you could notice a rise in your premiums for three to five years.

Aspects Affecting the Cost Surge

The Seriousness of the Speeding Offense

Each ticket carries different weight. Surpassing the speed limit by a large extent can result in a higher insurance increase compared to a small infraction.

The Condition of Your Driving History

An unblemished driving record could alleviate the impact. Nonetheless, recurrent violations or grave infractions, like impaired driving, can lead to a significant increase.

Regional Legislation

Every region has specific laws that influence insurance rates after a speeding ticket. For example, certain states might prevent insurance firms from hiking rates for a first violation.

Your Insurance Provider

Various insurers maintain diverse policies. Some might be more forgiving towards first-time offenders, while others may not offer the same leniency.

Lessening the Surge in Insurance Charges

Participation in Driver’s Education Programs

Several states provide driver’s education programs that can remove or decrease points on your license, which could reduce your insurance surge.

Exploring Different Insurance Providers

Sticking to one insurer isn’t always beneficial. Compare quotes from different companies, as they might offer better rates even post a speeding violation.

Commitment to Safe Driving Practices

Over time, adhering to traffic rules and maintaining a clean driving record is the most effective way to keep insurance costs low.

Real-World Scenarios

Minor Speeding Ticket Impact

For a minor offense (say 5-10 mph over the limit), a single insurer might raise your premium by around 20%. However, it varies based on the factors discussed earlier.

Major Speeding Ticket Impact

For serious offenses (like driving 30 mph over the speed limit), your premium could spike by 30-40% or even more. This rate also fluctuates depending on multiple factors.


A speeding ticket’s impact on insurance is multi-dimensional and extends beyond the immediate fine. It’s essential to understand these repercussions and take steps to mitigate them where possible.


1. How long does a speeding ticket affect my insurance?

A speeding ticket typically impacts your insurance for 3-5 years.

2. Does every speeding ticket raise my insurance?

It depends on factors like your insurer’s policies and state regulations.

3. Can I avoid an insurance increase after a speeding ticket?

Taking a traffic school course or shopping around for different insurers can help mitigate the impact.

4. Does the ticket’s cost affect the insurance increase?

It’s not the ticket’s cost but the severity of the violation that affects the insurance increase.

5. Does a minor speeding ticket impact my insurance?

Yes, but the effect is typically smaller than for a major violation.

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